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Family Legacy & Whole Life Security


We offer life insurance products including whole life, universal life, term, group term, final expense, and annuities. These programs are designed to fit the needs of our customers. Building Today For A Securer Tomorrow.

Heart To Hub


We are Independent consultants building a community of Financial Education Advocates, entrepreneurs, and Small Business Consultants. 


Lightworkers and Renegades working to increase the GOOD!  

AFOX & Associates * Ultimate Connections


  At AFOX, we believe that complacency is the death of opportunity. We engage our members to drive success by having access to exclusive resources, resulting in providing the best service to your clients. 

Cost Effective & Flexible Protection


 A powerful approach to Life Insurance protection! With benefits like, an accumulating cash value that can replace lost income, pay off debt, or fund a child's education. It can also help with funds a retirement or provide temporary cash when needed. Life will change, so should your life insurance, give you the choices you will need. Universal Life Insurance (UL's) = Cash Accumulation for flexibility, optional riders, and no-cost benefits for your peace of mind. ONE POLICY, EASY TO USE, CHANGES WHEN YOU DO! 

Dignity Solutions


 Losing someone can mean more than an emotional burden... it can be a financial burden for your loved ones. The fact is a traditional funeral, burial, and making final arrangements on average cost the family $8,500. which can be the biggest expense a family faces. In addition to funeral expenses, your loved ones may face final expenses such as a mortgage, car loans, credit card payments, utility bills, hospitals, and doctor bills. 

Dignity Solutions will give PEACE OF MIND in time of need.  

Family Legacy Kits


 Building a solid financial foundation for families, to protect them in life, while preparing for the inevitable loss of a breadwinner. Immediate death benefits Plus the return of premium death benefits. So, it acts as a savings account while you're alive. Affordable premiums that never increase for life, benefits that never decrease, can not be canceled due to age, illnesses as long as premiums are paid, cash value increase for financial needs, & NO exam required if qualified.


Home Certianty



Your home may be your most valuable asset...  

Don't take a chance and lose it. There are options available to provide tax-free cash when needed. Any mortgage will be paid off if you die, it will help pay the mortgage payments if you are disabled, and it will give you a lump sum cash payment if you become critically ill. Prepare for unexpected changes before it's too late.
on the part of the insurance provider for security and assurance at a time in your life when you need it most. 

Business Opportunity



Financial coaching partners wanted! Expand your book of business by offering multiple products. New sources of revenue by helping others build a financial services business.  We are looking for a few serious licensed insurance agents wanting a better current and future career.  

WE HAVE LEADS, WE HAVE LEADS! WE NEED LICENSED AGENTS. High income being made throughout the entire office, with an easy 100k year potential. Plus DAILY payment. WE ARE NOT a Multilevel, NO RECRUITING NECESSARY. Excellent Growth Opportunity. NO SIGN-ON FEE.

If you have zero experience in sales but have a strong work ethic and are willing to learn, 

Join Us. 

Income Protection = Disability Insurance



If you have an accident, disabling injury or illness, how much of your income would be at risk? All of it! Individual Disability Insurance can provide monthly benefit if you experience a disability, so you can focus on your recovery — not your finances. If you earn a higher salary or rely on bonuses or commissions, you may need additional income protection to provide for you and the protection of your loved ones.

Protect your lifestyle even if you can't work!

Debt Solutions


 The First Step To Wealth Is - Eliminating Debt! 

MONEY shouldn't be a punishment... It should be an OUTSTANDING tool to increase the experiences in your life.   We’re proud to offer a prestigious selection of financial services products from some of the world’s leading providers.  Products that save you money, protect your money and grow your money safely.

 DEBT SOLUTIONS/MDS is Eliminating Debt The Right Way.  

Student Loan Elimination


I bet you think you're are alone or that you've done something wrong. Both assumptions are incorrect. As of June 2018, Forbes reported that total US student debt was $1.52 trillion and that 44.2 million people owed a debt. The average student debt is $38,390. The median student debt is between $10,000 and $25,000, while 2% of borrowers owe $100,000 or more. 

That from Wikipedia   

Financial FAQs


 Below are common financial savings questions. We have additional FAQs for the kinds of insurances and all they do, the UL's Promises, retirement savings, and protection products, disability insurance, income protection, critical illness insurance, mortgage protection, and something everyone should learn about, infinite banking. Plus, how to complete online forms, and we will answer any question you might have, just ASK!